An innovative Startup Law Center, focused on the needs of 21st century entrepreneurs, was organized and is supervised by a business attorney Ekaterina Mouratova.

At our Startup Law Center we combine our expertise in General Business, Corporate and Intellectual Property law with a focus on the startups needs in various industries. We assist entrepreneurs at all stages of their development, from the establishment of the venture to management and exit strategies.

The Center serves multiple purposes:

To provide startups with high-quality, affordable legal help

To educate entrepreneurs about legal aspects of their businesses

To provide resources for the development and growth of the companies

To create a collaborative environment where members freely interact with each other

At our Center we make sure that entrepreneurs start and continue their work on a sound ground and pursue their dreams knowing that their rights and interests are well represented and protected.

We expect that the Center will continue to be a valuable resource for the active community of entrepreneurs for many years to come.